Are You Looking At A Career Change After Graduation?

You’ve finally graduated! Congratulations! All those sleepless nights working on assignments and missing those tempting parties has all finally paid off! You are the proud recipient of that precious piece of paper that is your undergraduate degree. You hold it in your hand and think of all the hours you spent working on it! Now that you have graduated, you have that nagging feeling though that you don’t want to stop there. Recently, you have been really fascinated by the medical field although your degree is in the humanities. You now are thinking of entering the medical field. How do you go about it?

Test yourself

The first thing you need to do is to think about whether you are suited to the medical profession. Do you have a background in science or was science one of your favourite subjects in school? Do you see yourself becoming a medical doctor and treating patients and working long hours? You can also get the advice of those who know you well academically and personally too. If you think you would like to change over to the medical field, you can do a practise Gamsat exam and see how you fare. Of course. There will be areas you need to improve on, especially in the Science section, since that is not what you have been studying at Uni. But, do you think you can do all right with some further coaching? Then go for it!

Follow a course

If you’ve decided that this is the career path you want to follow, then look for a suitable course you can follow that will prepare you for the exam like enrolling in a Gamsat English. There are many options available online and there are some tutors who can do a great job, if you prefer more individual attention. Find a course that suits you and start preparing yourself, not just academically, but in other ways too.

Preparing yourself

As you start preparing for the exam, in addition to doing a practice Gamsat exam and following a course, you will also need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the challenges ahead of you. As you have been specialising in humanities so far, this will be quite a major change for you. But as you are determined to enter the medical field and build yourself a successful career, nothing can stand in your way!

Medical school

As you enter the medical field and start studying medicine, you will grow and develop in all aspects of your life. Come up with a plan for how you will complete the rest of the course and what you would like to do in the future. There is no stopping you now!